Rent A Suzuki TU250X

Suzuki Motorcycle



$40/ Day

$40/ Day



  • Sport Bike
  • 250cc
  • Distance to Refuel 240 Miles
  • Seat Height 30.3 in.
  • Rider & Passenger Weight Limit: 454 lbs.



Are you looking for a retro-looking, user-friendly motorcycle packed with proven reliability and high-quality features?

The Suzuki TU250X is a traditional sportbike and draws inspiration from its classic ancestors with light, agile, and smooth performance.

The TU250X is designed to remind everyone of an essential aspect of riding, to have fun!

When Suzuki’s engineers designed the TU250X, they spent a lot of time making it as comfortable as possible.

Thereby, despite its retro style, the Suzuki TU250X is a pretty comfortable motorcycle that offers a relaxed riding position thanks to its spacious saddle and perfectly angled handlebar.

An optional passenger seat is available.

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Distance Included:

150 Miles / Day Rented - *$0.25 Per Additional Mile


  • K&N High Flow Air Intake


  • Phone Mount Rental + $5.00 / Day
  • Half Helmet Rental + $15.00 / Day
  • Full Face Helmet + $15.00 / Day
  • Premium Leather Motorcycle Gloves + $5.00 / Day
  • Premium Leather Jacket + $25.00 / Day
  • Passenger Seat Rental + $10.00 / Day

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