Rent A Italica MINI 49cc

Italica Motorcycle

MINI 50cc


$40/ Day

$40/ Day



  • Scooter
  • 49cc
  • Seat Height 31 in.
  • Distance to Refuel 120 Miles
  • Rider & Passenger Weight Limit: 320 lbs.



This 49cc scooter is perfect for commuting around the City or a fun ride around Miami Beach. Riding this scooter is very easy since it is so light and accelerates well even with two people.

There are two storage compartments, one under the seat and a second behind the passenger backrest. You will get about 120 miles on a full tank, so frequent fill-ups are no need.  

Rent this scooter, and don’t waste your money on Uber rides. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! 

Must be 21 years or older. 

Must have a car driver’s license. 

You do not need a motorcycle license to rent this scooter. 

Distance Included:

150 Miles / Day Rented - *$0.25 Per Additional Mile


  • Storage Compartments


  • Phone Mount Rental + $5.00 / Day
  • Half Helmet Rental + $15.00 / Day
  • Full Face Helmet + $15.00 / Day
  • Premium Leather Motorcycle Gloves + $5.00 / Day
  • Premium Leather Jacket + $25.00 / Day

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