Rent A Harley-Davidson Road King Red


Road King


$101/ Day

$101/ Day



  • Touring Motorcycle
  • Distance to Refuel 150 Miles
  • 1584cc
  • Seat Height 27.3 in.
  • Rider & Passenger Weight Limit: 536 lbs.



Rent a Harley in Miami and go on your next motorcycle adventure.

Beautiful fire engine red and black two-tone paint scheme on a timeless classic!

Equipped with a premium sound system that can be easily connected with Bluetooth.

This Harley-Davidson Road King is the perfect motorcycle for in town or out on the highway cruising.

When you first ride this motorcycle, you will notice its comfort and ease of maneuverability, making threading traffic a breeze.

If you’re into Classic Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and want a more dependable riding experience, rent this motorcycle today.

Secure your trip dates before availability runs out!

Distance Included:

150 Miles / Day Rented - *$0.25 Per Additional Mile


  • LED Lights
  • Stereo Sound System with Bluetooth
  • Saddle Bag/Box
  • Chrome Accents
  • ABS Braking System


  • Phone Mount Rental + $5.00 / Day
  • Half Helmet Rental + $15.00 / Day
  • Full Face Helmet + $15.00 / Day
  • Premium Leather Motorcycle Gloves + $5.00 / Day
  • Premium Leather Jacket + $25.00 / Day

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